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Saturday, May 11, 2002

It seems silly that anyone would be using www.classmates.com when www.nowandthen.com is just as good and better because it's free. I got a popup the other day while I was looking at a website - I hate popup adds to start with - but to make it worse, it was an add for www.classmates.com and they knew who I was b.c. they'd put a cookie on my computer from an earlier visit. They offered to log me on - I didn't even have to type a password. I thought that was pretty cheeky. I saw a good documentary last night about how our privacy is quietly being taken away by the internet, so I'm in paranoid mode right now. Ironic isn't it? You're reading me say that I'm paranoid about the internet taking my privacy away on the weblog that I voluntarily publish for all the world to see. Yes, yes it is ironic.

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