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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Not for the T-totaler<sic>

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. In fact, I'm kinda' over it at this point, but still think it's worth a mention. We've been indulging in some chocolate lately. Last month I thought I'd found the chocolate treat to beat all others - Old Jamaica. It's a "Blend of dark chocolate with rum'n'raisins" - as Cadbury puts it on the label. But it's actually a semi-dark chocolate that's rum flavoured - and the raisins are rummy as well. It's very tasty. I let the label turn me off for a long time because I thought it had those pink candied peanuts in it, but it doesn't.

As for T-totaler<sic> , it's really spelled "teetotaler" and it means "One who abstains completely from alcoholic beverages"(dictionary.com). It's almost out of use these days. It was popular around the days of prohibition (US - 1920–1933) but credit for its origin goes back to an 1833 temperance rally in England by a working man named Richard Turner. The only reason I remember it is that I had a HotWheels car - the T-totaler - which was an old Model-T Ford, chopped and channeled with a big-block V-8, and two big oak barrels in the back (that I guess were supposed to hold alkeyhol - moonshine). And I guess this toy hotrod Ford was designed so I could play like I wuz runnin' shine. That's almost not funny.

Very not funny, I saw a Barbie liquor cabinet in a store the other day. It was clearly a Chinese counterfeit Barbie liquor cabinet, but doesn't that mean that there are rich little Chinese girls playing with counterfeit Barbie dolls - probably having them drink and drive (you guessed it, counterfeit Barbie corvettes)? I guess that's no worse than having little American kids playing like they're running moonshine. They won't be having these problems in Iran - nope, today they started confiscating Barbies. Word has it they (the Barbies) are un-Islamic. So would feminists be happy about this, or not? Hmmm. And would the vegetarian eat meat to save a panda's life? These questions and many more like them will remain unanswered in the next installment.

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