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Thursday, May 16, 2002


I was amazed that I got out for a run this evening. At about 4:30pm it started raining big drops of water from the sky. There was also the Donner and Blitzen aplenty - big light show. Then at 4:57pm like the whistle blew for quitting time, the rain stopped. Funny thing was, all the while it was raining, the sun didn't stop shining. The clouds were only directly above us and out over the ocean to the East. Out West it was clear skies.

I took off at about 5:05pm and that's about sunset these days, so the sun was shining directly at the storm clouds and it caused some sort of funny light effect.

As I went outside I noticed that everything was an odd colour. It seemed like everything was a lot more blue. It looked like everybody had those new super-white-bright projector bulb headlights installed in their cars. The houses all looked like they'd been painted - it was really strange.

We tried to figure out what colour the light must have been by doing a
3d glasses experiment

To do the experiment you need a pair of 3d (red - blue) glasses. Put them on and live your life for about 5 minutes - wash the dishes, feed the cat, whatever. Then take them off and look at something white. Close the left eye, then the right eye. You'll notice that the white looks red out of the blue eye and the white looks blue out of the red eye. I have no idea what this proves about what colour the light was tonight, but it's a cool experiment.

Also, if you have 3d glasses, you need to go to this website that has 3d pictures of the surface of Mars. It's the next best thing to being there.

Warning: About three minutes after doing the initial experiment I thought I was going to throw up. Taking the glasses off did something to my head and it made me kind of seasick. This also happened to me once with polarized glasses at my friend Joel's trailor in 1993. I had the glasses on, and I kid you not, for about 30 seconds and I was green and nauseous for about 2 hours after. So watch it, science is dangerous.