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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Race Season

I'm training up for the "City to Surf", a 14k Sydney institution since 1971.
I think it's similar to San Francisco's Bay to Breakers race in that there's no cap on how many can enter and there are lots of different categories for teams and corporate sponsors and stuff. But that's not until August, so I'm planning on hitting a few shorter races leading up to it.

This weekend I'm hoping to run in the Mothers' Day Classic. It's only an 8k, and I haven't seen any advertising for it, so it shouldn't be too much of a mob. I'm working on 3min 45sec kilometers x8. I think this is in my range at the moment, and race day always adds that little extra bit of adrenaline. I have an eye to do the same x14 for the City to Surf. We'll have to see how feasible that is.

The last race I ran was in Japan - 1994. I tried to get back into running a couple times since then, but I've always gotten injuries. So far so good this time. I think I've been riding the bike enough to have the fitness to start running. Also I've started pretty slow and easy. I think that's helped.