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Friday, May 10, 2002

Me and Matt at Bataef's around 93'

Reverse Garbage

Yesterday was an adventure in the southern rabbit warren that is Marrickville. C and I went looking for Reverse Garbage at lunch. We didn't actually get lost, but we did do a couple laps of Sydney Park and the Brick Works before we homed in on the trash. Reverse Garbage is a recycling outfit like Bataefs in Santa Rosa, or the Re-Store in Austin (a Habitat for Humanity building supply surplus outlet).

We were left with 15minutes in which to shop. I was looking for things that were long and thin and sticky. I'm not sure what C was looking for - possibly some things you can fold. I did manage to find a long thin piece of plastic, and yellow reflective tape. C found an iron-on that says Weathergirl in fancy sparkle script and in block letter phonetic Chinese - Tian Qi Nu - also with sparkle. Mission accomplished.

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