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Monday, June 17, 2002

I got off my duff and gave the people at the Mother's Day Classic 8k a call today.I thought they'd be sending out a postcard with results, but the have them posted on the web instead. Out of 552 men I finished 22nd (9th in Men 30+) with a time of 0:29:31.8.

Overall I was 23rd as the first woman finished with a time of 0:27:52.7 (smokin'!) in 10th place overall. I remember chasing the first woman in the Turkey Trot in the early 80's. I think there was about three years of my running career where I was actually in good enough shape to come in in front of the first woman.

It's not so much that I'm so macho that I need to beat the women. It's more that the first woman (through maybe the 5th) are serious, sometimes professional, athletes and it's good to know where you stand compared to them. It's a visible datapoint in a race - you can't very well judge how many 30+ guys are in front of you, but the women usually stand out. Although when she's finishing roughly two minutes ahead of you, you probably won't see her very much during the race.

I'm using my time to try to get into the "A" group for the City to Surf race in August. I registered for that today. The "A" group, as you probably guessed, starts first and includes the paid seeds from places like Nigeria and 14,999 of his closest competition. The "B" group includes 15k more and the "C" group is made up of the 20K+ that remain. Starting in the "C" group means walking about 4k's into the race and then winding through the 15k+ people who went out too fast for the rest of the race. "A" group good. We'll see, I think I'm a little late.

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