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Sunday, June 09, 2002

Oh, go fly a kite

We took the kite out for its maiden voyage today. We took a few pictures. I've always wanted a big kite that does tricks. I had a chance to do a deal with a friend that owns a kite shop - trade for some bike parts - under the table, very hush-hush cloak and dagger type stuff - you know the score.

They warned us not to take it out the first time without one of them around - to show us the ropes and "so nobody gets hurt" - but we chose to ignore their professional advice. Nobody did get hurt, but I think we just got off lucky. You can see the tracks in the sand in one of the pictures from the kite dragging us down the beach. The little guy packs a punch when the breeze kicks up - very invigorating. It's kinda like having a very strong dog on a leash and it's chasing a cat - in the sky.

I'm looking forward to flying it again - maybe not so close to the water next time (a few close calls for my person, and the kite - forget about it - all wet, several times).

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