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Sunday, June 02, 2002

There's action, but it's not here

Friday's interview went well. I won't say much more about it for fear of jinxing it. Besides, I'm totally preoccupied with my new acquisition. I got a new bike on Saturday. Not just any new bike though. No, this one is a little bit special.

I've been shopping for a new bike for about a year. But about six months ago I finally decided I was going to have someone build me a frame, and I was going to get all the parts for it and put it all together. So I've been working with this frame builder (meaning I call him on the phone and tell him what I want) for the last several months. On Saturday I went and picked up the product of all his hard work.

I spent all day yesterday putting the parts on and tweaking and adjusting. I took it for it's maiden ride today and am very pleased to announce it works. It does all the things it's designed to do well. It doesn't do the things I hated about my previous bike. There are still a couple little things that aren't quite working right, but a couple more hours of work should sort that out.

At the end of this whole shopping journey I'm left with a bike to ride. That's pretty rewarding. But I'm also left with this big hole in my life that had become some sort of hobby - shopping. For the last three for four months I'd say, I've become a pretty handy little customer. I know which of my cards works at which bike store. I know four out of five bike shop owners at the stores I go to (yep, and I've shopped for bike parts on no less than three continents this year). And now that's over. Probably a good thing, as bike parts aren't cheap, but I'll miss the thrill of the chase, and the score - so satisfying. I guess I'll have to move on. Maybe I'll take up gambling or, oh I know, I'll go for a ride.

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