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Monday, July 22, 2002

I went to the big Blog Meetup that happened last week. All over the world WebLoggers met for the first (or maybe not the first) time.
I met three other Sydney bloggers at a bar downtown. A bar probably wasn't the best venue, and a bar downtown even less so. We weren't very organized, it's amazing we met at all. I just asked a couple likely looking people if they were there for the weblogger meeting - blank faces a couple times, but then I got it right. I still wonder if there wasn't another group somewhere that we never connected with.

So what do four total strangers talk about? I guess it was like going to some sort of work party. We talked tech, weblogging, travel, Sydney, etc.. I had 3 rum and cokes and a beer and somehow I didn't even catch a buzz.

I'm in Melbourne today. I came down on Saturday, went to a trials competition on Sunday, and I'll be here until Wednesday. I met up with some trials riders at the competition that I've met before. I'm starting to become a familiar face in Victoria. I'll be going out on their Tuesday Night ride as well. It's cold down here, but not that much colder than Sydney - I just find myself out in the elements a little more (carless and having to go in to an office).

I'm going to Singapore next week - almost looking forward to that. I don't think I'll be taking the bike to Sing because I'm not staying for a whole week, just a few days. This is going to be a couple months full of travel for me. But it's what I've got to do to get some lose ends tied up. It's also serving to bring work back to life for me. It's good to get face to face with the people on the other side of the phone/email sometimes.

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