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Monday, July 29, 2002

Not even packing my running shoes

I'm off to Singapore tomorrow. I'm not feeling very ready for it. I mean, I've got all the meetings lined up and there'll be plenty of work to do, but I just got back from Melbourne and haven't even had time to fill out the expense reports for that yet. Quite a speedy couple months I'm having.

The weekend after I get back from Sing will be the big race - the City to Surf. I've been gearing up for that by watching a lot of TV. I watched the marathon on the Commonwealth Games, the end of the Tour De Lance (oops, I mean France) and a movie about some great English Olympic marathon runner (silly little movie, very 60s). But I haven't been doing any running. This is causing me a bit of concern.
I managed to get into the "A" starters group with my time from the Mother's day race, but that race took all the wind out of my sails somehow. I felt pretty good after finishing that race - as if I was done - no need to train further. Then a few weeks of spotty training later I started to develop this pain in my hip. It's the same pain I've developed every time I've tried to start running since the first time I quit running because of this pain (back in the SSU days). So, I've been justifying this TV-training schedule by saying that I've got an injury and I'm letting it heal. Maybe so.

Come raceday I'll have to pay the piper and the proof'll be in the puddin' and all that. Or as they say 'round here - I'll have to suck it and see.

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