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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Nothing Much to Say

I've actually got nothing much to say today (this week). I got a new mobile phone - Nokia 5210. The last one (8850) I inherited from a former coworker. It seems my active lifestyle introduced too much shock and moisture into the unit. It died. The 5210 brings with it the confidence inspiring label of "splash resistant". I'm guessing this means I shouldn't count on it working after a drop in the toilet (it happens). But I'm hoping it'll handle running, biking and kite flying.

I took the 8850 apart in hopes that I might be able to clean it, and put it back to working order. No such luck. They don't build these things to be taken apart. I don't think it'll be conversant any time soon. Very tidy little unit though. It all fits together like a bar puzzle. Will I never stop taking things apart? Or better yet, will I ever learn to put them back together in working order?

I need to go tidy up the bathroom. The Tour De France is showing at our place tonight and we're having a couple friends over for Fish-n-Chips. 'till next time - BSD

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