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Sunday, July 14, 2002


Cathy has a new flat file for her drawings and all things flat. She salvaged most (if not all) of the cardboard from her final project and it's been rebirthed as this much needed piece of furniture.

It hasn't found a permanent home just yet, but it's fully stocked and in use. I quite like the way it turned out. The only glue used is in the floor joists and the vertical members (to bond to make beams). All of the joints are held together by the fit of the joint and gravity. I think it's a tidy piece of work.

We went to the aRy for a countery the other day = We went to the RSL for a counter meal the other day. The RSL is the Return Service League club and a counter meal is just what you'd expect it to be - meat with fries (in my case fish and chips - done right I would add). An RSL is somewhere where a smoker can go to do everything (especially smoke) - but there's also a TAB (bet on the horses), Pokies (bet on poker machines), a full bar (safe bet), kitchen (get a countery), and movie screen - featuring England vs. Australia rugby the night we were there. Australia won by an embarrassing margin - fifty+ points as I remember it. It was like watching the Globe Trotters vs. the Generals. Did I mention you're allowed to smoke in the RSL? A plus if you're a smoker. I'm not, but I felt like an honorary smoker for the night - and got to bring that feeling home with me.

If ever you're in Australia you'll need to go to an RSL for a countery. Be sure to go when the footy's on - and if you can, get the tip on who's going to win and make an effort to go to an RSL that would side with your tip. My tip: Australia vs. any country but New Zealand is a safe bet in most regionally popular ball sports.

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