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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Slick Check-in

I wouldn't usually think about updating my webpage from the airport, but I'm doing it now. I'm on my way, not much to say. I guess I'm really just seeing if this works. I'm at one of the Samsung eLounge free internet terminal things they have at Sydney International. Not sure how long my wrist is going to hold out typing - bad angle, but I'll give it a go.

As I was saying yesterday, I'm not very ready to be going on another trip. Although repacking my bags was pretty easy as I'd just done it. I'm into The Pack. For the trip to Melbourne I got a good pack. I put my bike in a computer box with a CD drive and some cables - then I told the checking agent it was "Computer and frame components" which technically wasn't a lie. The computer box was huge, so I also needed to bring a little handtruck. I used my biggest suitcase, lightly packed with clothes and then stuffed the handtruck in there. And when I got on the ground in Melb. I took the handtruck out of the suitcase, flopped my bike box on it and threw my backpack (laptop, etc.) in the suitcase where the handtruck had been. It was like Transformers (more than meets the eye).

The pack for this trip was much less dramatic, but no less fun. This time I focused on keeping my collars on my collared shirts from getting crushed.
I have several different methods for protecting collars. One is to stuff socks and clean underwear in them - belts also work, but I'm usually not carrying many belts. Another method is to alternate when stacking the shirts. This time I built a sort of patchwork of shirts on the top layer of the suitcase, so none of the shirts are overlaying the collar of the other.

Then it's important to secure the clothes in the bag. If you just use the straps to hold the shirts in, they'll slip out. You need to find something broad that you can lay over the clothes to tie them all together - like a net. In today's case, I used my board shorts.

I'm planning on doing some swimming when I get to Singapore. Something I usually forget when I go to Singapore is that it's ALWAYS warm/hot there. So you can always pack something to swim in and plan to take a dip in the pool. This time I'm prepared. I've also brought a good bit of snack food along this time, in case I don't get to a store in the first day. It's torture to have a mini-bar calling you with soda pop and candy bars that you shouldn't touch. In Melbourne I was really close to a 7-11, a Coles an other sources of food - and still I was tempted. In Singapore I know there aren't any stores very close to where I'm staying, so this time I'm coming stocked - soup, granola bars and pudding cups should keep me safe between meals.

I'd better get to packing. I check out in the morning - meetings in the afternoon, and on the plane at 8.

P.S. I did get that swim in. Now I remember I hate swimming pools.

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