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Friday, August 02, 2002

Gilded Cage

If ever you have to be trapped in an airport, let it be Singapore Changi International. This has to be the coolest airport in the world. I'm sitting here plugged in to their network - free broadband (and free on-site support people if you can't figure out how to make it go -AND free IEEE 802.11 wireless modem cards to borrow!?). And if you don't have your own laptop, they have scads of terminals all hooked together with LAN gaming on offer (and I think that's free too). If this is the dividend to outlawing chewing gum, sign me up.

They just finished a "Singapore in the 60's stage show" which was really annoying, but A STAGE SHOW! in an airport. There's also a guest speaker and a book signing going on, sleeping lounges, showers, and a cinema (free, ALL FREE). I could see coming here on a two day business trip and never leaving the airport. Three days might be stretching it.

I have an 8:30pm flight and I got here at 5:30p and I'm not even sure I'm going to have time to explore. I kind of plopped down at the internet and haven't looked up since. One thing I do wish for here, cocktail waitresses with complementary drinks, like in Las Vegas. That would be tops. I'd even settle for any waitstaff, and food I had to pay for. I guess you have to be in one of the fancy VIP lounges for that sort of thing.

I have to amend my previous post script regarding swimming pools. I don't "hate" swimming pools. I've had many a good time in pools and I owe them (and the people who maintained them) a lot. Pools are great for some things, but don't fulfill me in and of themselves (like an ocean beach with a good bodysurfing break does). And while I do hate putting on a shirt after letting ocean water dry (leaving salt crystals) on my skin, I hate the feeling of heavily chlorinated water in my eyes more. I thought the pool looked (as do many things in Singapore) suspiciously clean.

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