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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Various things

Various things have brought me back to the snack shack - the little shack in the left of the picture. The snack shack is at the end of pier that leads to the cement boat - the Palo Alto - in Seacliff, CA.

I worked there, cleaning up and selling candy, during the summers in '86,'87 and maybe even '88. My memory isn't so good on years, but I have so many surreal and indelible memories from that place.
I got the job through my friend Chris. We met through running and hung tight for a few years. Chris's sister was on the varsity Pom squad. So while Chris and I were employed for the "back office" clean-up work, the face of the organization (at the register) was usually one of his sister's friends/squad members. That may explain why I kept coming back every summer to open, close and clean up.

At school these were people I would rarely associate with - for reasons that seemed so clear at the time. But at work, at the snack shack all the rules changed and we could hang out and be normal - almost like kids- but we weren't kids, we were teenagers - ouch. The bosses were Barb and Bud. Barb was a cheerful ex-nun and Bud was a deeply tanned Jewish fisherman. Did I mention things were surreal at the snack shack?

There were a cast of regulars. To call them fishermen would be generous - anything else would be unkind. Rhet may or may not have been a big wave surfer in the 60's and/or a karate black belt. It may or may not have been too many big falls on big waves that made him the way he was. Jerry lived in his van. Ruth, don't feed Ruth chocolate or she'll get mighty giddy and a little bit randy. And there were some others - bit players, local colour. And there were foggy summer days, and fishing derbys and we got a free parking spot down at the beach. It's nice place in my memory.

Here's a couple links to desktop wallpapers you might like to sport for a while.

This time the thing that brought me back to the snack shack was a former co-worker. I bumped into her on the web through some impossibly convoluted click-path. She makes jewelry in the San Francisco. You could take a look at it at: www.superherodesigns.com.

I hope to be getting down to Seacliff Beach here pretty soon. I wonder if the snack shack'll be open.

If you're looking for the right music to be listening to while reading this melancholy reminiscence - got to www.sigur-ros.co.uk - and download Mp3s of the Iceland's other musical progeny, Sigur Ros. It's free and leagal - whoo hoo!

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