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Sunday, November 17, 2002

The Screen and The Drink

It seems like it's been a long while since I've actually sat down and written anything here - added anything of value. Boy have I got the goods today. This weekend C and I finally actually finished the "screen" project we've been putting off for about a year now.

The screen is pictured above - but that's the "after" picture. I have a process picture here (it may take a while to load. It's a 350+kb animated GIF) and a bigger picture of the screen can be had here. We found it on the footpath at some point long ago - it must have been "big trash" day - It was pretty beat up, but had potential.

The potential came in the form of some aerial photographic blueprints we'd inherited from friend Joel a.k.a. The Javelin.

We've been wanting a screen for a long time - no A.C., so when summer comes it's nice to have the windows open. With the windows open our place is like a fishbowl. So the screen will help us keep cool and retain our modesty.

About six months ago I took the screen apart and started (but did not finish) cleaning it up - readying it for reassembly. But then the project stalled -for these many months. This weekend, for reasons unknown, the project was finished in a flurry of X-acto blades, wood glue and alcohol (not usually a good mix, but in this case the result was favorable).

That about covers it for "The Screen" you say, but what about "The Drink" ? Today was a great day not only because we managed to finish a long toothed project. It was also a great day because I invented a new cocktail. I have invented many cocktails in my time - none documented, and none palatable - this time things were different and both C and I were genuinely surprised.

After much brainstorming (albeit in a somewhat compromised state of brain - maybe it was brainsqualling) we came up with a few proposed names for the drink:

--A Holiday (named after Billie Holiday who was on at the time - but should also be taken in the poetic sense)

--Sydney Mule (you may know the Moscow Mule - the only other cocktail I found with Ginger Beer)

--Gin Ging (Gin and Ginger Beer - a catchy name for use at hip bars)

--Hot Root (double entendre around here - another name for the Sydney bar scene - but this drink really is spicy)

Mix one up, give it a taste and if you can think of a better name, let me know:

6 oz Bundaburg Ginger Beer (or similarly strong ginger soda product)

A splash Perdnod ( any in the anise family would probably do - Ricard, Pernod, Prado, Granier, Ouzo, Sambuca)

1 oz Gin ( a shot - whatever)

1 oz Vodka ( optional - this just gives the drink a little more traction)

Stir on the rocks in a highball or Old Fashioned glass.

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