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Monday, January 06, 2003

Happy New Year 2003

Seems like a lot has happened since Christmas. Santa paid a visit. He somehow missed us on the 25th, but more than made up for it with what showed up a few days later. We got a new stereo. It's been a long time comin' and boy does it sound good. The amplifier is from a UK manufacturer called Quad. The model (33/303) is the first transistor or "Solid State" design Quad ( Peter Walker ) put to market. Previous to that they were all about tube amps. It's a tasty little bit of industrial design from the early 70's. Details/pictures here. We were really only looking for speakers, but this vintage amplifier jumped out of nowhere and presented itself as a necessity. After all the research on speakers I surprised myself with my ability to impulse shop.

New Years Eve, for better or for worse, was very much like last year - fireworks, drunk people, loud music. This year I brought home complementary road-rash from some careless showboating on the way back from watching fireworks - we rode bikes. C managed to keep hers upright the whole time. I wasn't so lucky.

We got a visit from some old friends/co-workers from Opcode - check out their trip notes "Around the World in 68 Days" The taxi ride in Cambodia is worth a read. We managed a much less eventful ride to Sean's Panaroma in Bondi. C's boss had recommended it - and it was spot on. We'll be going back.

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