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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Wednesday Night Ride @ Clovelly

We were out on our weekly ride when I spied an Australian broadcasting personality in our midst. We were up on the headland over Clovelly, doing our crazy thing, creating a spectacle. Like a moth to a flame we actually drew audience with a star. And we were pleased to take part in what amounted to an ad hoc interview by the beautiful man himself, H.G. Nelson. (see image above - it was exactly like that except Peace was on his new Planet X and I was wearing a different helmet - same shirt though) It's likely that if you're from the US, or anywhere outside of Australia, that you've never heard of HG. It was kind of like running into Australia's equivalent to David Letterman ( there's actually a certain resemblance - don't you think?) and then getting into an easy conversation about sports. I'm not usually the star-struck type, but HG is one of my favorite Australian editorialists.

The first week I showed up here - lounging through the brunch hours in the penthouse suite at the Bondi Beach Holiday Inn, indoctrinating myself with the mid-morning TV high priest of Australian culture himself - Bert Newton - and there's H.G. Nelson hawking his best seller - "It's Yours For A Sawn-Off, Samaranch's Sydney" - which I immediately went out and bought and gifted to a dear friend.

So it was to be that from day one (or five or seven) downunder I knew the legend that is H.G. Nelson - and only came to know later the rampage that is Roy Slaven, the Roy in HG and Roy. But enough about Roy. He wasn't there.

I got to do some right good showing off too - being that we were in my old stomping grounds, Shark Pt., Clovelly, I felt pretty comfortable. I was amazed at how quickly and easily HG came out with questions. It must be a habit. Anyway, that's my brush with broadcasting today.

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