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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

You'll never guess where I am - well, you could probably guess in three guesses. Austin, TX is the correct answer.
I'll be home soon, but for now I'm getting all the real TexMex foods I can throw down the pie-hole. I'm also soaking
up the warm love that is Texas in the summer - 80degrees F and 90%+ humidity. Square in the middle of the day we had a
loud thunderstorm with hail. Now it's just overcast and dull outside, but I'm sure it's still hot.

Last night I treated myself to the experience that is Taco Cabana (the best worst Mexican fast food in the world).
There's nothing quite like a Taco Cabana cheese enchilada plate at 10:37pm to settle you in for the night. Strange dreams.

I've contacted a few people here - some I've yet to contact. The days are stacking up nicely - full, not boring. Oh, and
I've got a rental car - a very not-me Toyota Celica with a (and the Hertz guy took pains to mention this twice) sunroof.
I wanted the Subaru Outback w/o sunroof, but the Celica is better than a Buick. Nothing against Buick, I just wanted something

So, that's where I'm at. I'm keen to get home - it's been a while. Soon. Soon.

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