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Monday, October 20, 2003

I don't know when I started thinking that I had to write something profound here, but it would have been on that day that I stopped writing very often. This should be a space for news and news is fresh, it's what where when why how, and it's just plain facts without deep editorial. Am I wrong?

OK, so the news is - I've gone and gotten me a new job. It's pretty much the same job I've been doing, but it's for a different company - Nestle (I need to figure out how to get the little ' thing over the last "e" in Netsle).

I've moved - twice in as many months. I'm now living with S in Surry Hills.

I saw a movie a few weeks back called "Bright Young Things" - you should see it. Also saw a movie called "Gettin Square" on my birthday. You should see that too, but unless you're in Australia it might be difficult to find.

Oh, and I had a birthday. I'm 33 now. That's OK with me.

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