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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Summer or Spring

Already this spring there have been several false starts to summer. Today has been outstanding. But I don't trust it. I was supposed to have a garage sale last weekend, but it rained every other day last week and it scared me off. So I've put it off to this week. I'm still nervous about what the weather is going to do. I don't want to go through all that work just to have it rain. But even if the weather is great I'm still a little nervous. I haven't had a garage sale in a long long time and from what I remember of them they don't tend to attract all the best people. I'm not much of a people person in the salesmand kind of way. My strategy for this sale was to price everything so low that the first person who sees something would be compelled to buy it. That's why I'm not doing the pricing. S'll be pricing and then I'll come in with cave-in-basement-bottom-price if someone questions the marked prices. I'm ready to deal - lets make a deal!

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