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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Save Often

I can't believe I fell victim to the old "I didn't save and I lost all my work" trick when my computer went unresponsive this afternoon. I had about half a post written, and got sidetracked, came back and the computer was locked up. I lost it all. So, here goes again.

I haven't posted anything in a while because (or this is my excuse anyway) I didn't have a fast internet connection. I just got one, so ya, no more excuses. Back on ADSL and boy what a relief that is. I typically work with a lot of windows open, getting links and checking facts (and spellings/meanings). Over a 56k modem it takes a really long time and I usually end up getting pretty frustrated. Anyway, this is boring.

What's going on (the real update):
I'm trying very hard to get married in May. The Australian legal system isn't helping me. I've yet to get the divorce finalized (yes, this has been going on for about a year - sorta) Things are really coming down to the wire now and I'm stressed out. Right now the wedding is technically on hold.

The nice thing is that I'm not downright angry at anyone - except my lawyer - and being angry at lawyers is considered a natural and healthy thing.

New job is going well. I've been at it since Dec 1. Things haven't gotten busy yet, so I've been looking into a lot of various things to keep me busy. mySQL, WML, XML, UNICODE, and other techo-alphabet-soup that I'm supposed to keep up with.

I've also discovered various other amazing things on the internet that I'd like to share with you here. I'll try to give them a context - "them" being links. I have a lot of links so I'll just put a link to my entire bookmarks file here - bookmarks (favorites) - so you can see what I've been getting into the last several months.

One of the things that struck me as fancy was Information Physics
Under the full light of science this guy "Jim Whitescarver" is a quack because he's not rigorous in giving credit for his ideas to the people he got them from. But he's distilled something here that I think is important into language I can read. From Whitescarver I've looked around at some source stuff and made up my own mind - there are several more links around the idea in my bookmarks file under "Information".
The general idea is that the Universe consists of information in different forms. Matter, energy, etc. are all different manifestations of information. It's a powerful idea, and it's giving some physicists a new lease on physics (where many others are just trying to count angels on pinheads, etc...)

I'd also like to put forward a link to The Edge. The Edge is a group of some of the most incredible minds of our time willing to publish on the internet for free. They cover a broad band of ideas about where we're going and why we're going there (humans).

A third link I'd like to put forward is a weBlog (blog) of a young Iragi woman - Riverbend - She lives in the thick of it and writes beautifully about the things her family is going through in everyday life. She stays pretty reasonable, not going off on too many anti-American rants. I am always amazed at the quality of her writing - and that's something to think about, writing WELL in a war zone (and while Bush might have called an end to the formal thing, let's just take a minute to remember it's still a war zone for all our troops and all of the citizens of Iraq).

I like to go to BoingBoing.net every day to see what the latest strange thing is. It's better than www.memepool.com

Bugmenot.com is a great website. They provide a username and password for common free sites like the New York Times. This is great because it means you can read the articles, you're not stealing or anything, and they don't get your email address (so they don't send you spamvertising ).

The last link I'd like to post here right now is for Celestia. It's a free software program that you can download. It lets you fly all over the universe to the different planets in our solar system and various nebuli and galaxies all over the place. If you're into astronomy it's cool, and if you're not it might make it interesting.

Well, enough of that. I'm outta here for now. More later I hope, good news I hope.

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