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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Oh, that can't be good.

Charles Moore's description of sailing from Hawaii to California are nothing like I ever imagined:

In 2001, in the Marine Pollution Bulletin, we published the results of our survey and the analysis we had made of the debris, reporting, among other things, that there are six pounds of plastic floating in the North Pacific subtropical gyre for every pound of naturally occurring zooplankton

Without a doubt blame for this trashing of the Pacific ocean falls at the feet of the environmentalists. They've made it too expensive to dispose of this waste in a responsible fashion by instituting too much regulation - er, that's a possible opinion one could hold.

It is not however tenable to hold the opinion that the greenies are responsible for the mass deforestation of the rainforests. To make this point you have to assert that overregulation has pushed the major lumber companies offshore to 3rd world countries where there's less regulation. That assertion assumes that the trees cut down in the rainforests are being processed into lumber. In fact, as has been going on for a very long time, many of the trees cut down in the rainforests are burned by local people to make charcoal for a domestic fuel (for cooking). This requires no more infrastructure than a saw and a match. So no, probably not the environmentalists' "fault". But on the bright side it's not Big Lumber's fault either (and I'd assume the lefty envirocentric-sites I link to above would be only too happy to blame Big Lumber if Big Lumber were to blame - links above are not intended as an exaustive index, just a couple things a simple search got me)

Some problems are more difficult than right and left. It's tragic that anyone feels compelled to cast blame for problems that stem from nothing more than unbridled biological success. Why should people have to apologize for being so able to reproduce? I do hate to be the one ringing the overpopulation bell, but a simple experiment with a jar, a bananna and some fruit flies might suitably illustrate the idea of "carrying capacity".

More confusing is that the population boom in 3rd world countries is being shadowed by a population bust in many 1st world countries (Italy!? being the least reproductive). Couple that with restrictive/xenophobic immigration policies in 1st world countries and things get curiouser and curiouser.

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