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Monday, July 26, 2004

Another invention I'd like to see (other than a cone of silence and my previously posted "subvocal soundtrack amplifier" ) is ringtones on the mesh. All mobile phone within the vicinity of a mobile that is ringing should responds as satellite speakers to create a 3d orientation of where the phone is.
A lot of ringtones are in a very high register, which can be difficult to locate. As audio fidelity and networks get better on phones we should be able to apply surround-sound techniques to phones. This'd be helpful in a train or office, where a phone rings and it could be any of 50+ phones - 3d sound imaging would help to get the right people answering their phones. It might also be possible to simulate bass with many small speakers (much the same way multiple radio teliscopes are linked to simulate one large one  ). Ringtones with treble and bass, there's an idea.
Also would be nice if the sony noise-canceling technology could be integrated into phones so that all phone-carrying persons are emitting a small amount of noise cancellation. The urban world would be a quieter, better imaged place. (I know you're saying it'd be even quieter without all these mobile phones ringing - but that would be illegal, mostly.)

I saw a quick bit in the newspaper today about how tanning beds might be addictive. Funny thing about the word "addictive" - the study found that people came out of tanning beds feeling "more relaxed" and "energized" which made them want to go back for more. I guess if UV radiation wasn't carcinogenic the symptoms of "more relaxed" and "energized" would be characterized as homeopathic. But haven't we known for a long time that light from the sun makes us less depressed? Tanning beds simulate sunlight, so shouldn't we have expected this? The hole in the ozone layer over Australia lets a lot more UV radiation through. I wonder if that accounts for the more relaxed, but energized way of life. I wonder if that's why I like to stay here - I'm addicted.

In a tangentially related chicken and egg research story: Fetuses Give Pregnant Women Stem Cell Therapy
It turns out being pregnant releases a bunch of stem cells into the bloodstream. These cells will move to areas that need repair and help out (i.e. in heart attack patients, stem cells move in and become heart cells, in stroke patients they can help to heal the brain, etc). And these stem cells can hang around for quite a while (years?).

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