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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Gamble with Faust, Haus wins

Or why does Michael Moore have to lie so much?

So, I finally saw Michael Moore's film F 9/11. I went to it with the worst expectations having read Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11 By Dave Kopel a few weeks back. My expectations were met. I'm not a fan of George W., but I think this film did the Left a disservice by employing the same deceitful tactics used by the administration it rails against. But there's art in that, and if Moore comes out at some point with a statement to that effect; "I did it the way they do it, half-truths and misinformation." I'll applaude, but until then it's the sound of one hand clapping from me.

One thing I noticed that made me laugh. The bit with the Marine recruiters - when they were driving in their car you could see a red christmas tree air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. Well, I rented Repo Man a couple weeks ago and watched it for the zillionst time (I'm a life-long Repo Man watcher, and Rumble Fish too) and there's a whole running theme in Repo Man about those air fresheners. Says the crazy car yard guy, he says "find one in every car. You'll see." and he says that to Otto (played by a young Emillio Estives) who's just learning to be a repo man. If you grew up a sub-urban punk you'll appreciate the sound-track in this film. Lot's of Circle Jerks and Iggy Pop and etc. But anyway, these very odd, deadpan Marine recruiters had one of these air fresheners in their car. That made me laugh.

And if you're still reading, wanting moore, here's a link to Moore's war room.

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