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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

2-Tier Structure

There's been a lot of talk around here (Australia) regarding 2-tier this and 2-tier that (mostly regarding Medicare and education policy - there's an election going on...). So, I've decided to employ my very own 2-tier system. The blog has gone 2-Tier. Here's how.

You'll remember some time ago I was sprooking on about www.furl.net. Furl stores your bookmarks on the web. That's cool. But cooler still is that they give me a way of "subscribing" to those links. So, whatever bookmarks I put into Furl, automagically go into my blog. Previously it was only possible to get the links. But now I've figured out how to get the descriptions as well. I'm using RSS Digest. They take the Furl rss feed and pump it into my blog using javascript. But the technical details aren't important. What is important to anybody reading this blog, is that the top nine or ten entries are from Furl, the rest is blogged. So, there'll be fresh links with comments on top, leading into more considered (but less frequent) blog posts on the underneath (where you're reading now).

I'm pretty excited about how this works. I've been feeling update-pressure. That's the pressure one puts on oneself to write fresh posts. It increases as time without posting goes by. Furl is quick enough (and I use it every day) that I should be able to at least give reasons why I'm linking to things which should relieve the update-pressure.

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