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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bee in My Bonnet

Trying to order things on the internet can be boring. I've had several events this month that have inspired me to lob "comments" at various dot-com stores. Balducci's is a New York institution (or New Jersey or whatever). They do some fine foods and have been a family favorite since the early 90's catalog craze (remember Sharper Image?!). Balducci's tried the online store thing for a while, but I think dot-bombed out. They still do offer their stock online, but you have to call to make the order. Fair enough. All I ask for; an international number (non-1-800). It's not impossible to dial a US 1-800 from Australia, but it is difficult. You need the right calling card and the touch of a safe-cracker.

I left the following comment with Balducci's in early December:
Help! I'd like to order a gift basket from Balducci's for my family in the US. I am in Australia. Is there a non-1-800 number I can call to get an order through?

I got the following reply today (Dec 22):
I am sorry for the delay in the response. Yes, you may contact our gift
basket department at 1800 346-8763.

I replied (including the previous exchange) with:
I am in _______Australia_______. Is there a !!!!!!!!!non-1-800!!!!!!!!
number I can call to get an order through? A non-1-800 number being a number that does not start with 1-800. Thanks for trying but I went with Harry and David already.

And just moments later - as I was writing this, in fact - the return and final volley:
In the future you may contact our gift basket department at (301)

Oh, how the Holiday Season brings out the best in me.

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