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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cool-as new feature for Australia Update:

Established in 1999 to entertain and inform family and friends, I've tried to keep Australia Update up to date with whatever goings ons and thinkings I can get to. But "under the covers" I've tried to use new (and free) technologies/services to make updating easy and quick. In the olden days (pre-noughties) I would hand edit the HTML whenever I wanted to update the site. The only tool I was using a thing from htmlgear.tripod.com that helped me keep track of my biketrials links. You can still see that in use here, but it's crap, so don't bother.

Then I found blogger.com. Blogger enables me to log in anywhere and update my website using a simple form. Then I found furl.net which enables me to keep all my web bookmarks/favorites on an online database. furl.net gives me an "rss feed" which I use another tool called RSS digest to automatically publish to the site as well.

Finally, in the year 2005 we're flickr enabled. flickr.com is a site (like so many others) that allows you to upload images and store them online for everyone to see. But flickr is a website with a difference. They also let me upload images from my phone AND they will automatically publish those same images to my site (if that's what I want to do - Is that what I want to do? Hell yes).

Why is this so cool?

Scenario 1: I spot Elvis or Bruce Lee or Santa or Santana in a crowd or running through the forest. I take a picture, send it to flickr.com and bingo - I've scooped everybody and you've seen it first.

Scenario 2: Say there's a baby that's just been born. I'm there to see it. You're not. I take a picture, send it, bingo. No waiting around while film gets processed. No sending in the mail. Not even any shenanigans with memory cards and PhotoShop and uploading (I'm a pretty good procrastinator, so these things can take weeks). No, at the press of a button - instant.

Now, there are limitations to this technology. Namely, my phone takes small, poor quality images. But I say, that's the price you pay for quick and fast (the old saw "speed, price, quality; choose two" applies here).

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