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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back in the USA

We've got the house-sitter squared away, the passports, the tickets, everything we need for the big trip/visit. It's been a long time coming, but I'll finally get to show S around my hometown. We've spent two years now subtly and thoroughly combing through her physical history in Sydney. Now I get my three weeks in the US to put together a whirlwind tour, to try to communicate something of what my growing up was about, where it happened, and what conspired to make me the way I am.

It's no accident that we'll be in the US for my Grampa's 10th annual Independence Day BBQ. It's become a de facto family reunion. So, in addition to that physical history of place, I'm very much looking forward to everyone getting together for some ribs and a few Millers or Coors or Budweisers. And there's no time like the 4th of July to visit America, it's when she shows her stripes.

I haven't been back for about two years. The usual apprehension about feeling "at home" in the US has increased just that little bit more. I realized last time I was back that I now know more about the players in the Australian politics than I do about the US. I know more about the players in rugby and cricket than I do about American football or baseball. I'm totally out of sync with the current climate in the US (it's always been bad enough that my perspective was from the left coast, out of touch with most of American opinion, now I'm several time zones left of that).

To add to the gravity of this trip, we're bringing our daughter. She is, by rights, an American citizen who's never actually been to the US (I say "never", but I mean "yet". She is only 6wks old and she's been very busy). I'm expecting to feel a lot of emotional confusion on this trip, and most of that will be reflected off of her beautiful face (which generally makes everything seem like it's going to be OK).

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