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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

great_debate (in graffiti)

great_debate (in graffiti).

I admire this creative "culture jammer" style re-edit. The problem with both statements is that neither can be proven or disproven.

The most important thing here is to recognize the passion that moved a person on either side of the argument to express their opinion in such a public way. This debate doesn't have a public home - politicians won't touch it. News media steers clear. Nobody is talking about either side. Especially in Australia I think there are about 50% fence-sitters, but none of them seem to be talking. Only people who already have their minds set seem to find a place to be heard.

It reminds me of something I heard on Radio National about pharmaceutical companies, anti-biotics and Chlamydia. Big Pharma isn't investing in normal course antibiotics for treatable diseases like Chlamydia. They'd rather invest in drugs that people will have to take for the rest of their lives (drugs for non-curable diseases) because it's a guaranteed return on investment. So, we run the risk of diseases like Chlamydia becoming tolerant of the antibiotics currently used. On top of that there will never be an advocacy group of Chlamydia survivors - or people living with this disease - like we see with AIDS. So there's nobody fighting the good fight against Chlamydia. That's why we're seeing alarming rates of the disease on the rise in places like Tasmania - and why there aren't new ways of treating it being researched is dangerous.

Populations or economies transfixed with extremes are bound to the hills and valleys of those extremes. A bit more foresight and investment could smooth out the inevitable, the future.

I'm not sure about you, but I'm not keen on a future of extremes on either side of the God debate. I wouldn't much like to see either side win unless they won through definitive proof. And that would take a miracle (which might be a problem for the non-God people).

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