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Monday, November 14, 2005

Australians, as a matter of patriotism, hate rabbits, foxes and house cats. I'm not yet an Australian, so don't share this strong opinion. I guess I understand it, but from the outside looking in, it seems a little ironic (but no need to get into reconciliation issues here).

We're currently house swapping with some friends who live well south of Sydney (which has me on the train, commuting for a couple hours each way - hence the dreamlike chain of consciousness stuff that follows) We're in the bush. And in the bush there are a lot of rabbits. This got me thinking, why are rabbits so soft and furry? Seems like they'd do better being a bit tough like wombats or armadillos. But then I started looking at what it would take for me to get through that thick undergrowth. Firstly, my shoulders would hit everything. Then, if I was wearing typical people-clothes I'd get stuck on lots of stuff. But if I was wearing a giant bunny suit, complete with pointed nose, and slick fur, I could probably plow my way through a lot easier. Great image, no?

Mixed with thinking about rabbits, this morning I picked up "Physics and Metaphysics, Theories of Space and Time" by Jennifer Trusted (what a great name for an author). The combination of train, rabbits and that book at 6:30am begot this little fridge magnet verse:

slick rabbit's fur goes gently through a bramble.
Soft touches of vibrance in a tangled frame
If my thoughts can be furry and my mind's nose pointed
impulse strong hind legs
I can outrun the devil of details, that predator
and multiply
Set lose a plague of rabbits in the bush
Let it shake and dance with that prolific thought

but all the while the wisdom of enduring thicket
protects wee fuzzy animals.

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