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Friday, January 20, 2006

Selling the Move

This is the new place. I hope it's easier to find, easier to spell and easier to read. I know you're saying; "why move now, I was just starting to remember the old address?" or maybe you're not saying that because nobody but me could ever remember the whole address. The address was the main reason I moved:

  1. hard to remember long string with a tilde (~) in it. Not very user-friendly.
  2. the previous ISP was not free, whereas blogspot.com is.

The other considerations were from my perspective as the publisher. Australia Update was never meant to be permanent (as I never expected to reside in Australia permanently). I associate a sort of temporary-expat mindset with Australia Update. eSuburbs is a step towards feeling local. It's like going from the outside looking in to being on the inside looking out.

Also, I've been getting more involved in the community of blogging this year. I've left comments here and there, and I've pointed people to my site for further comment on things. The response (although infrequent) has been positive, and I'd like to go more public. Moving to blogspot.com is a step in that direction. Again, it's like going from the outside looking in to being on the inside looking out.

For those who don't publish anything online, you might be wondering why I bother. The intention is to have a conversation in a way that people rarely do these days. In the time before the printing press, the sharing of resources and information was practiced between people who had the ability (mostly rich people). Hand copied works would accompany hand written notes. Conversations, partnerships and lifelong friendships were conducted via messenger by sharing information, ideas, reflections and theories (peppered with personal notes about health and family news).

With the invention of the printing press, the relationship people held between the supplier of new info and the info itself changed to something more commercial, less personal. Most people see the internet as extending the commercial relationship and eroding the personal relationship in sharing information ( eStores shutting down their brick&mortar competition with lower overhead and higher efficiency at the cost of that personal touch...). I see it differently. What I see is the ability to publish all of my interests to anyone who'll read them, extending an open invitation to see some of the things that I view as worth a look-in. And like I said above, the intention is to have a conversation, so comments are open.

I'll also mention again that blogspot.com is free (and it's not the only one, but it's the one I use). Anyone can do it. It's pretty simple to get started. Give it a try yourself.

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