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Friday, February 10, 2006

Lawyers don't bring lawsuits, people bring lawsuits

I dislike walking. I really do. And I walk to and from the train station every day. Part of why I don't like walking is the slowness. It's the slowest way people typically move from one place to another. I also don't like walking because there's not a lot of comfortable range. You can either walk slow or fast, but difference is pretty trivial. I tend to walk slow, but when I'm in hurry I walk fast. I find walking fast pretty uncomfortable. That's why I hate being in a hurry when I have to walk somewhere, which is also why I like to leave really early for places I'm walking to (so I don't have to hurry).

This all brings me to my idea. Roller skates (or blades, whatever). Wheels on the feet solve the problems of walking. There's a great deal of range with wheels for the feet. You can go slow or fast, and if you're going down hill you don't even have to try to go fast. I was estimating that a business could be 25%-50% more productive if the employees who moved around a lot wore wheels on their feet. But then it occurred to me that this has been tried. There were waitresses on roller skates in the 50's according to the historically accurate television document that is "Happy Days".

So, what happened to all of these skating waitresses? Why don't we see them today? I think you're already one step ahead of me on this argument, lawyers. Without a doubt, one fallen skating employee would be the end of any business. It would only take one fall, one lawsuit, and the whole productivity margin gain would be more than accounted for.

So, what's my solution? All lawyers should be obligated to wear skates. Or better yet, they should have to use these skates of death: www.freelineskates.com/skateshop.html (I'm currently looking into getting some of these for myself - could save me a lot of walking... )

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