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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One with everything

Science is pretty squarely behind meditation. I've never been a formal meditator myself. I had the recent pleasure of meeting a Buddhist nun. She asked me if I meditate. My reply; "no, but I know where you go." was accepted out of hand, but then you never can tell with the Buddhists. There's a certain passivity that comes with being blissed out. She may not have had questions about my response, but I did.

It surprised me that I'd have the gall to tell a Buddhist nun that I know something about meditation. Do I?! Well, here's the way I figure I figure it. Long distance running is a meditation on pain, and I've done a fair bit of long distance running. Observed bike trials is a meditation on balance, and I've done a lot of that. Anyone who knows golf would surely agree, a good game is accompanied by a certain headspace. Need I also mention the Chinese ladies in the park every morning doing Tai Chi with swords? C'mon, they're Chinese. They have swords. It must be a legitimate form of meditation.

I'm not the type of person who values meditation on quiet compassion higher than the ones I've listed above. I just don't buy putting a supreme value on a singular state of mind. I'm more of a pluralist when it comes to the spirit, where "one with everything" means a dynamic and diverse life full of experiences.

Buddha calls up to order a pizza. Pizza guys says" what would you like?"
"Make me one with everything."

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