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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Steve Fossett, explorer, adventurer, record breaker, nut job who needs looking after.

Will someone please pay more attention to Steve Fossett? It's pretty obvious he feels he's not getting enough. This guy has been dragging himself physically around the planet in novel ways for the last decade trying to get people to give him credit for something. I know he's achieved some "records", but who really cares? The halcyon days of the great explorers and adventurers is over. In a post modern world all of this over sponsored, over exposed media coverage just comes off as self indulgent childishness.

I'm not against the exploring and adventuring per say. I'm against the chest puffing surrounding these inconsequential "records" - who cares if people can float around the world in a balloon? Who cares if you can catch a non-stop flight round the world? I mean, if you fly all the way around the world, where does that get you? Back to where you started, but later in time. Who cares if you do it faster than anyone else has? Someone give this boy a lollypop and the approving pat on the head he's really looking for so we can be done with him.

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