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Friday, March 03, 2006

Man of Steel

All of Australia is joining in as Prime Minister John "Effect" Howard is celebrating his 10th year in office, celebrating a decade of firm but fair, alert but not alarmed, Liberal Party leadership. And with a pan-Federal Liberal majority, what's not to celebrate? (I guess not having a pan-State Liberal majority). But after ten years I'm thinking honest John is soon to bid the seat of power a fond farewell. He will be dwarfed by the hole in public leadership he leaves. Anyone who succeeds him (Costello) has some pretty big boots to fill, and will risk being dwarfed as well.

Doubting anyone will be able to hold Australia's attention with close-set eyes quite as well as J.Howard, I'm anticipating a winnable election in a couple years for someone like myself. Isn't it time a "new Australian" took the helm? For your consideration, my political platform:

Economic Policy:

Payroll tax relief for companies that farm knowledge-workers out to rural Australia. The workers won't need any tax benefits because they'll be earning city wages doing city work over the phone lines. Knock-on benefit here; big business will then have an interest in keeping Telstra honest on the service level to the bush issue.


1. Education credit granted to parents to be used for their kid's education. It's granted up front upon birth. Parents decide if they want to apply them to child-care or private education or tertiary education (maybe there'd be room for the grant to appreciate if parents "declare" their intention, acting similar to a bond ). And education costs based on units of credit, making a scale grant amount to get through primary/secondary, a year whatever. This would mean the actual $$ value at a private school would have little relationship to the value of the grant. I.e. anybody could afford King's.

1.5 I'm also considering a parental licensing scheme. Federally supplied license which determines how monetary benefits, and credits as above, are distributed. If you are a licensed parent the benefits are allocated directly to you for discretionary use (as happens currently). If you are not a licensed parent a licensed representative will be assigned to your child to ensure distribution of benefit is actually beneficial to the child. Lots of questions unanswered here, like what are the criteria, term of license, etc. (I almost can't even believe I've written that down, but man! what a great dog-whistle policy.)

2. Semantic web work. Kids make relations in a database, those relations are vetted/added to by kids the next grade up (it'd be easy to do this in a game format - see www.peekaboom.org). In primary school not strict ontologies, but wiki-style tagged folkosnomies. In secondary and tertiary school these relationships would again be appended to with more formal citations (research based). I'm a believer that accuracy is less important than the completeness/bulk of meta-information.


No more Yanks, Poms, Asians, people of Middle Eastern Appearance, individuals who don't believe in changing their underwear or washing daily, people who smoke and throw their butts on the ground, people with poor grammar (unable to use "their", "there", and "they're" correctly, or "then" and "than" would be my simple litmus), people unable to politely form or join a queue.

Above all, no more people who are men. Most of the problems faced by multi-cultural societies (that make the news) are caused by young alienated men. Limiting populations of (especially single) male immigrants would take a lot of charge out of immigrant groups and allow room for acculturation. Women don't necessarily acculturate better than men, but do tend to be less physically violent while feeling alienated.

All of the above restrictions are exclusive of the humanitarian visa program and are to be waved if the individual is willing/able to participate in the knowledge-workers-to-the-bush economic initiative; excepting men, and the people who smoke and throw their butts on the ground (because people who smoke and throw their butts on the ground should be sent to hell instead).

The French and Israelis should be allowed to immigrate to Australia in modest numbers (primarily because they're the least likely to want to).


Full catchment requirements on new development. All bathtubs built on top of a cistern that feeds the toilet. All roofs drain to tanks that feed washing machines and outdoor water. Full tax write-off for catchment addition to existing development.

Foreign Policy:

Less wars. Economically engage India more than China (even though it's twice as frustrating and half as profitable, it's three times more ethical). Fund the English subtitling of the daily news on SBS from around the world to increase Australian's international awareness.

That is my platform, and it is mine, the end.


Anonymous said...

your whole arguements crumbles in the face of one word: filterless.

Brendo said...

I'm assuming the argument you're talking about has something to do with the semantic web ideas. My response: "does not"