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Friday, June 23, 2006

I think it was a few weeks back that I started getting clucky again for a tiny baby. And it didn't take much to transform that into excitement for the baby on the way (due Nov). And with that excitement it started to dawn on me how much life has changed and how much my outlook has brightened since becoming a Dad.

It was foggy and cold this morning. You could see your breath. It happens so rarely in Sydney and it always brings me back to 4th grade walking to the bus stop on Clubhouse Dr.. I can see the redwoods, the golf course, the timber houses, the Monterey Pines dripping and heavy. But this morning, mid reverie I looked down and saw my daughter's breath. I can't remember ever seeing this before. And it struck me as something so special and so vital. I'm still savoring the image.

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