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Monday, December 11, 2006

Things I might be a little too excited about

On Sunday caught the end of Justine Clarke singing from her album, I Like to Sing, in the park. Narrowly missed meeting her, but met her husband instead. He's a good looking guy, but he's no Justine Clarke.

Did the automated update of the macbook. There was about 500Mb of updates. The good news: I let it run overnight, unobserved, and it worked. Bad news: it filled up the disk and then wouldn't reboot. I was staring down the barrel of a "?" on the screen, which can be a very bad thing. Happy ending: I rebooted using the startup-DVD and then rebooted to the normal hard drive and now "it just works". So, I'm still a little bitten and twice shy of the downloadable automagic update process.

Also, I've upgraded my blogger account to the new version. This means very little to very many people. But for me it finally provides a feature to tag or label posts. You'll find that almost all of my previous posts have been tagged, and all future posts will be tagged. Who cares? Tags? What are these tags? They're similar to categories. One tag I use is "images". If you find a post that features a picture, and you see the tag "images" at the bottom, you can click that tag. Then you'll get all of the other posts that are tagged "images". It's a handy way of indexing your blog. I've got another one called "reviews". Click that tag and you'll get all my book, film, whatever reviews.

So I also finally have a cloud (via phydeaux3.blogspot.com) . I've wanted a cloud for a long time. You can see my cloud in the sidebar. It's made up of all of the tags I've used to label my posts. The size and color of the tag in the cloud is related to how many posts are tagged with that label. You'll see "poetry" is very small, and "opinion" is large. That tells you that I've written a lot more opinion than poetry. It's a great way to dynamically, visually represent the contents of the blog itself. This is the sort of functionality that differentiates internet content from printed content, and I'm a little too excited about it.

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