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Monday, April 16, 2007

Bragging Rights

I'd like to be able to say that "I don't like to brag", but in all honesty it's one of my favorite things to do when the time is right. That time is now, and it starts here.

I've been somewhat reluctantly doing a Corporate SuperSprint Triathalon for the past several years with some people from the office. It's only this year that I've started to feel OK about the 400m swim. The swim has always been the leg that I've kept at arms reach. A "sprint" to me is more like 25m or 50m. 400m is pretty much at my distance limit for a swim. The 8k bike and the 4k run are more my style. I can really enjoy them if I'm feeling up for it.

Yesterday I was feeling so up for it that the swim didn't even bother me. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day on the harbour.

For reference, the winning team's times:

                       Swim    Bike    Run     Total
Overall 1st place winner: 0:05:31 0:12:34 0:08:32 0:26:38
His teammate #1 0:05:22 0:13:06 0:09:24 0:27:53
His teammate #2 0:05:52 0:13:52 0:10:05 0:29:52

Winning Team Total:

My times:
Swim Bike Run Total
0:06:45 0:17:26 0:10:37 0:34:50

My Team Total:

Granted there's not much I could do to take a minute off of my swim. And with only 4k to work with on the run, I don't see any appreciable room for improvement there. But, if I were allowed to take .01 of a second off of my time for every dollar difference between my bike and the winners', I think we'd see things even up quite a bit:
$16,000 (estimated, but I do remember the sound of one of the guy's in the front group bike - it was all carbon with a full disk in the back. And I think one layer of the composite was actually layed up using US$100 bills).
-$75 GT Talera circa 1998

((15,925/100)/60)/60 = 4min 30sec

I think I'm in the running for a sub 30min time next year. I might just have to "borrow" one of the 1st place guys' bikes while they're in their corporate VIP tent drinking latte recovery drinks and getting a massage.

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