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Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is not a movie review.

We watched the film "Friends with money" the other night. Our household was split on whether the glass was half full or empty. It wasn't "bad", but I didn't "like" it. But as I said above, this is not meant to be a movie review. One of the questions posed by this film, and not answered to my satisfaction; Why benefit parties and fundraisers? Why not just give the money to the charity directly? Let them hold a party or spend it in a way that they think is best.

I saw this film maybe two days ago. Today is the "World's Biggest Morning Tea" during which "Every cup counts in the fight against cancer". I'm walking past reception this morning and the receptionist is giving an earful to her boss about "Why doesn't the money just go straight to the nuns? Why do we have to have this party?" And again, nobody has an answer beyond: this is the way it's done.

Don't get me wrong, I'm cynically aware of the advantages of holding an event. My main point is how strange it is that we saw this film with this theme woven into it and then just two days later I'm living it in real life. Strange, but then we notice these things, don't we?

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