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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Viles of ink are being mixed with blood

Viles of ink are being mixed with blood in the news right now over governmental advertising. I think this:

As long as we're in surplus, as long as the surplus is not gotten without representation or justification, as long as the advertising is actually informative, I don't see the problem with it.

Here's why: The infrastructure to distribute information exists and is commonly used by most people. Governments need to express policy and notify people of their entitlements. Everybody watches TV, listens to the radio, and or reads the paper. Not everybody reads the internets. Most people never read pamphlets, even if they're delivered to your door.

The problem here is in the advantage of incumbency. The incumbent government gets the funding. And in Australian politics, it's big money compared to operating budgets of opposition parties.

The Australian people have a nose for bullshit. They sussed "WorkChoices" as crap, and now the very government that spent millions sprooking it are trying to manufacture a horse of a different colour to parade around.

I vote that that is not fair. That is where We draw the line. If a government goes to the economic trouble of advertising a policy, that government has to ride with that pony until it dies or wins the race. No fair pulling stumps before the overs are up. No fair flippity flopping after the skin is in the game. No fair cutting and running.

Where are the Democrats? because I'm seeing bastards!

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