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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I don't think this has ever happened before, so I feel I need to float it to the top again and give it a mention. I predicted something. I even have documented evidence that I may have influenced policy at a Federal level. In a previous post, "For the record", I published my email to the newly crowned opposition leader Kevin Rudd, and his reply (this was March 22nd 2007). In that email exchange I detailed my policy suggestions for a new Australia. One of my policies is a parental licensing scheme that controls how welfare benefits reach children.

Fast forward to July 14th 2007 and we see the headlines "Rudd's trump card on welfare penalties". And that story leads with

"KEVIN RUDD will move to steal John Howard's thunder today with his own plan to quarantine welfare payments to parents who neglect their children."

In my email to Kevin I suggested that if he needed any further advice, he should feel free to contact me. I'm expecting the call next week.

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