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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too Late(line)

Watching Lateline on ABC last night I heard the government's voice loud and clear: "We choose not to believe in things we don't want to hear. Bugger the evidence."

Follow the link for the complete transcript (mostly pointless needling about a leadership change that isn't going to happen) (emphasis mine):

TONY JONES: Let's look at what you face. You've just had one of the most expensive Government ad campaigns in history to sell your latest IR changes. Your own internal polling shows that not only has that not helped, it's actually gone in the other direction. This is an extraordinary situation and it's counter intuitive in some respects and it goes against what's happened with previous government ad blitzes. Are you shocked at that result?

TONY ABBOTT: Well I'm skeptical. I have not directly seen the polling, although I have some inklings from various reports around the place. Look, I would be frankly skeptical about that. I think it's been good advertising, I think it's been fair advertising, I think it's been informative advertising and I think that it has helped to put the Government's changes in perspective.

TONY JONES: I imagine you may have seen the crikey analysis of this leaked Crosby-Textor internal polling. It seems to show every time the Government talks about issues that voters now think are Kevin Rudd's issues, and these are things like education, infrastructure, the environment, that Labor's vote actually gets better when the Government talks about those issues. That is also an extremely worrying scenario for you, isn't it?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, if it really is true, and I find it hard to believe that in areas where the Government has invested so much money and has pursued policies which have been generally well received, that we aren't going to get, in the end, an electoral pay-off.

TONY JONES: Here's the question. Do you not believe your own polling, because evidently it shows 17 issues likely to influence voters. Of those 17, 11 of them are now Labor issues.

TONY ABBOTT: Well I'm not saying that this polling, which I haven't actually seen, is wrong. I'm just saying that come polling day I doubt that it will be the same as it apparently now is.

Mr. Abbott. Believe it. Believe it. Take what little empirical evidence you have, take the indication of a problem, believe it and investigate the root cause. Don't correlate money spent on advertising with intended impact. Don't take for granted that successfully executing conservative philosophies will win votes. That which remains even when we stop believing it is called "reality".

I'm so pissed off with so many things politics right now that I don't even know where to start. I'd like to find a way, a place, an insulated room maybe, where I could feel OK. I'd like to turn off all of these inputs. But I can't. I'm stuck with this perfectly mundane and comfortable life in a lucky country in a world driven by unseen hands and mustachioed specters.

The unfortunate truth about politics is that even if I, you, we all stopped believing in it, it would continue to be the least-worst way of doing the dirty business of winning a compromised stability for the world.

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