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Friday, October 05, 2007

So that's it. We've just returned from a 3wk visit to the US. We rolled into town this morning covered in grime, mixed fruits, snot and a heavy haze of sleep deprivation. If you ever consider taking two toddlers on a 13hr non-stop flight, consider again. Consider your options. Consider your motivations. We did, and we chose rightly to do it. But it wasn't something I'd recommend. But it wasn't boring. That flight is usually boring. It wasn't boring this time. Long, but not boring.

I'll have to take some time to consider the US we saw, to find something to say about it. Right now I'm just very happy to be home. And I mean that both ways - the house, and Australia. I found about two weeks into the US trip I was getting homesick for the lucky country, girt by sea, and all that. Being as we spent most of our time in the US in my hometown, in the family home, homesick is a strange thing to get.

Now to the resting.

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