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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yesterday was everybody-blog-about-environment-day, today was everybody-ride-your-bike-to-work-day. So, I rode my bike to work. And I've got to say, I could not in good conscience recommend it to anyone. It was cold, dangerous and gritty. There's gonna have to be some real revamping of bikeways before biking anywhere in Sydney becomes even a 20% solution. And that simply isn't ever going to happen. That's not to say I'll never bike to/from work again.

I've just been waiting for daylight savings to start to re-instate my ride home once a week policy. And I'm thinking of adding a ride in too. It took one hour door-to-door. Now that's roughly twice the time it takes by train, but still not out of the question.

Anyway, having done my bit for the day, for the environment, I've given myself to an afternoon do-nut break. Looking forward to it.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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