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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

September - A film by Peter Carstairs

We were lucky enough to be invited to a premier screening of this beautiful film (what with my better half getting a thank you credit, brag, brag, and all).
And even more lucky we managed to make it to the screening because nobody in the house is currently running a fever (knock on wood).

What can I say, being not at all impartial? I'm a big fan of Pete and a big fan of films that show country Australia. This is a deliciously quiet film. It doesn't knock you on the head or get in your face. It doesn't go for cheap shots, or rely on clever plot twists. It's a merely human story told patiently and with an eye for detail (and by "detail" I don't mean strict adherence to 1960's set dressing, I'm talking about the subtle portrayal of human relationships).

If you were planning a trip around Australia in a VW Van, this would be one film I'd recommend.
(others include The Goddess of 1967, The Castle, The Mary Gedarrdyu Show(ok not a film, but a radio show that evolved into a TV show that featured short documentary films which highlighted specific aboriginal communities), Japanese Story, Cunnamulla)

From a good review of September at thecia.com.au
"September is the kind of film that should be on all Australian school syllabi."

A not so good review, for fairness' sake.

And another good review for Pete's sake

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