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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness is an individual sport. Just you pitted against happiness. Happiness clad in a white aerosuit and one of those funny pointy helmets, riding an Independent Fabrication creation. Just you against that in the velodrome of life.

With that in mind, I've been hard at it in the workshop to upgrade my ride. Formerly a stock SE Lager, now the pseudo pursuit-cross* frankenbike. I've gone and mounted my Kinesis biketrials forks on the SE. I slapped a tiny tyre on the narrow XC rim, flipped the stem, and Shaka khan!, it's a  $0 modified monster.

The ride is a little bit more twitchy, but it's good up hill. That's an issue in Sydney on a single speed. And the front brakes have gone from zero to hero. The roady brakes just were not cutting it for a former trials rider. I like my brakes to be strong enough to scare me. Now I've got that.

Note to self, stem too long. Look for short zero rise stem to suit.

*pursuit-cross: "pursuit" references the 650c/700c tyre configuration historically found on pursuit and time trial bikes. "cross" references the V-brakes and overbuilt forks that'll allow me to knobby-up come winter time, like a cyclo-cross bike. That's right, I said knobby-up.

Update: The pursuit-cross bike is now a coffee bike. See update here.

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