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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Fever is great. Fever is not great. I've been fever free for a few days, but I've had several fever-vision nights that have produced some ideas that I'm sure I'll lose if I don't write down.

1. In answer to Stanley the internet emo, digital text is not primarily "process". It's dominated by algorithm. Process is incidental because "process" is as evident in film, video, music and text as it is in video games. The differentiator, if we need one, is algorithmic information (of which there may not be much, see link). I think the interface of narrative with algorithm is a much more important trope for the 21st century than "process".

2. When we send astronauts to Mars in some little tiny spacecraft, it'll be important to include an "embrace membrane", similar to the thing invented by legendary slaughterhouse designer Temple Grandin.

3. We have a problem with archiving. "We" meaning the developed world. "Problem" meaning, if we don't figure out how to either print, store, or keep all of the data we're recording, we'll lose it to the future. And the future will see this as a "dark age". Or it may cause a dark age. It's almost impossible to select the "important" things for archiving. Important to whom? When? Why? Everything and anything could become important as time goes on.

I say, we take everything ( in this case "we" is probably Google), and use a directed high powered beam to bounce it off a nearby something ( in this case "nearby" is used in the galactic sense, so 1000 light years or less), or just wrap it around something like a black hole. Pump it out wholesale. Leave it to somebody else to get it back. I reckon that's about the best we can do, to get it out of harm's way. Throw it to the winds. (how many prime directives must that violate? um, one?)

So those are a sample of three ideas that came to me in the semi-delirium of sickness. Not exactly Naked Lunch I know, but maybe that's a good thing really.

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