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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Through the mixed blessing that is Facebook, I came to learn yesterday about the suicide of a boy of maybe 12. It's taking me some time to do anything at all with the information, the emotions. But an image came to me this morning that I've written down, and will publish here against my better judgement. I mean, who am I?

Take the body to Sesame St.
present it to the puppeteers

Across the back of Snufagufalus
the procession leaves that stage
the characters lain carelessly, left behind

The doors are welded shut
The studio is filled with water
where the parents are left free to swim
to hold their breath and dive

to visit listlessly buoyant memories
fur, feathers, felt in fluid motion

It takes all the pressure of that deep water
to hold the tears inside them.

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