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Friday, October 10, 2008

Where I get my stink on the global economic smellyness:


John Robb is primarily a military analyst, but takes an inclusive "systems" perspective. So economics looms large right now. I find his analysis simplistic in that it's fairly clear.


Marginal Revolution is an economics blog. It's the opposite of John Robb's global geurillas in that it's complex, complicated, multi-faceted, subtle. But it's just as considered and well thought out, if not more so.

Marginal Revolution isn't shy of linking through to even more dense and impenetrable writing on economics.

There's also a lot to be gleaned from the comments on both of these sites. High signal to noise ratios for blogs.

If you're tired of 10-second-sound-byte-sensationalist-main-stream-media-hype, I highly recommend you give these blogs a try.

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